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Contract Dispatch


Our Contract Dispatch Service helps you keep your air crew focused on mission execution, while giving you a 24/7/365 dispatch department.  Jeppesen's FAA certified dispatchers provide you with the flight information and services you need, and you can have confidence that your flights are conducted in accordance with FAA and JAA regulations as well as your military regulations.

Please contact one of our sales representatives by using the phone numbers listed on the left or fill out a request for product information form for further information about our products and services.  Also, be sure to check out the Jeppesen Tradeshow and Events schedule for a listing of the military events we will be attending so you can stop by for a demonstration and to meet our team.

  • Dispatch/flight release
  • Flight planning
  • Flight following
  • Weather briefings
  • Crew briefing packages
  • Load planning
  • Weight and balance
  • Runway analysis


  •  We will help you maximize your operational performance, integrating our world-class services, industry-leading applications, and our highly trained and experienced staff.

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