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Total Airspace and Airport Modeler (TAAM)


TAAM® is an industry leading tool from Jeppesen that models airspace and airports to facilitate planning, analysis and decision making. 

"TAAM is the only tool that allows us to examine the overall system impact holistically;  from gate, to surface through terminal and en route airspace when evaluating new technologies." – Michael Yablonski, ATC Simulation and Modeling Manager, Noblis Inc.

With TAAM, airports and airspace can be modeled, and then the impact of changes to infrastructure, operations and schedules can be evaluated.  TAAM is recognized as a standard in the aviation industry and is widely used by ANSPs, CAAs, airspace planners, airport operators and major air carriers. 

TAAM provides the ability to conduct multiple what-if studies on the airport and airspace environments.  Outcomes of these studies may include:

  • Increased revenues through more productive use of resources
  • Increased capacity as a result of improved management of existing and future traffic volumes
  • Improved performance and utilization of ATC systems
  • Better management of infrastructure and resources
  • Improved planning and project timing
  • Reduced operating costs through reduction of ground and airborne delays.

  1. South African Airport

The Jeppesen TAAM consulting team performed "what-if" simulations, and a capacity-efficiency analysis for a large airport in South Africa.

Our team used TAAM to:

* Model the complete ground operation of aircraft

* Model the airspace, including 11 satellite airports

* Prepare 48 scenarios for the airport phase

* Create a series of simulations for a baseline airspace configuration and two alternatives, as required by the local Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)


We used TAAM to assess the following:

* Current capacity and efficiency limits of the airport and surrounding airspace

* Capacity and efficiency limits for alternate airport configurations with increased traffic levels of up to 40 percent

* Increased traffic flow for surrounding airspace


* TAAM assisted in identifying the optimal airport configuration and identified ways to improve airspace procedures

* The client saved a significant amount of money.

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