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Performance Based Navigation

GPS and Avionics Solutions for Fuel-Efficient Flying Routes

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures by Jeppesen ensure that your operation employs an end-to-end strategy for incorporating today’s GPS technology with onboard avionics to fly more direct and efficient flight routes. With estimates showing air traffic doubling in the next 15 years, our RNP expertise provides you with a vastly more efficient solution than conventional navigation by reducing miles flown, optimizing descent profiles, reducing fuel costs, diminishing CO2 emissions and mitigating aircraft operating expenses. Plus, we make it easier for you to avoid sensitive noise areas, environmental protection zones, and restricted airspace.

To learn more, please download our Required Navigation Performance brochure.

Features and Benefits

  • Better airspace utilization by managing tight tolerance with defined flight corridors
  • Reduced fuel costs through predictive, repeatable lateral paths
  • Continuous descent arrivals reducing fuel burn
  • Procedures for difficult terrain features with accurate approaches
  • Improved accuracy with fewer diverts and better safety operators
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