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Airport infrastructure projects can cost hundreds of millions. Jeppesen consultants, and our planning and simulation tools, help ensure that your investment is the right size at the right time.

An airport is much more than the various parts--terminal buildings or airfield or airspace--that comprise it. Today's airports are complex systems where all functions must work together to achieve the greatest operational efficiency.

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Our Expertise

Jeppesen's consulting team delivers the knowledge, skills and tools to make your airport system perform at its peak--now and in the future.

  • Jeppesen consultants have extensive ATC and airport management experience and have worked successfully on projects around the globe
  • We provide complete capacity and resource analysis of your airfield, airspace or terminal environments, as well as a holistic view of the entire system
  • Simulation provides highly-detailed 3-D views of your airport systems and movement areas
  • Jeppesen develops, maintains and uses the industry-standard TAAM software (link to TAAM page) for all airfield and airspace simulation projects, allowing you to visualize and analyze the capacity of adjoining airfield and airspace systems


By utilizing the experience and tools at our disposal, Jeppesen can provide a comprehensive range of airport services.

  • Airport ground movement studies--solve bottleneck issues before they become a major problem
  • Capacity analysis and projections--airside, landside, terminal
  • Procedure optimization and delay reduction analysis--more efficient paths to and from your runways can increase capacity and reduce delays
  • Master plan validation--test your traffic forecasts and infrastructure needs to ensure they are valid
  • Infrastructure needs analysis--making fact-based decisions on when and where you require additional infrastructure can save millions


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