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ARINC 424 Navigational Data


Customers in every segment of aviation depend on Jeppesen NavData in ARINC 424 format.  Our "baseline" data services are delivered in accordance with ARINC Specifications 424 - the world standard for aviation navigation databases. 

As with all Jeppesen products, NavData is thoroughly reviewed and validated, then coded into the Jeppesen Aviation Database. The Jeppesen Aviation Database contains worldwide navigation reference information obtained from public sources (AIPs) and maintained by government agencies with updates occurring every 28-day AIRAC cycle. The capture and production of Jeppesen NavData is certified under stringent quality control and process standards such as EUROCAE ED-76A, RTCA DO-200A and ISO 9001: 2008 series.


We maintain the world's largest and most comprehensive navigation database and distribute this data to fly, simulate and flight plan procedures in:

  • Air traffic control facilities
  • Simulators
  • Applications onboard most commercial airlines
  • The majority of business and general aviation aircraft applications
  • Validate RNP AR/SAAAR procedures with Jeppesen NavData
  • Provide path/terminator coding in your AIP

Other applications, like using Jeppesen NavData mapped to AIXM format for loading into eAIP systems and for generating charts.


Geographic coverage areas and data content can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.  We further tailor ARINC 424 navigational data for use in flight management computers and other avionics equipment.  For these services, please contact us. Jeppesen can tailor data for company routes and engine-out as well as other airline developed special procedures.

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