Courseware Development Solutions

Customized Airline Pilot Courseware and Training

We are in a unique position to utilize our expertise to offer you customized development of courseware for all of your pilot training needs. We have been developing aviation training products for over 30 years, and have experience in AICC/SCORM-compliant courseware and a broad range of platform and bandwidth criteria compliance. Our instructors also teach hundreds of airline personnel each year, maintaining our proficiency in courseware delivery requirements.

Please e-mail our team of training professionals today for details, or contact us at the appropriate phone number listed to the left. 

  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Needs Analysis
  • Instructional Design
  • Flowcharting
  • Storyboarding
  • Lesson Plan Development
  • Content Development
  • Content Evaluation
  • Project and Copy Editing
  • Production of student notes, instructor materials, and class learning aids.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) integration

  • Student guides
  • Instructor guides
  • Graphics, video, photography
  • e-learning
  • CBT
  • Syllabi and lesson plans
  • Instructors slides (PowerPoint, Flash, etc)
  • Module and final examinations
  • Learning management
  • Hosting your training programs on a Learning Management System (LMS)



DEMO EFB: The standard Jeppesen EFB CBT is available to all EFB customers.  This CBT can be customized for your specific aircraft and EFB equipment, and procedures/flows.  This demo will also provide you with an example of our CBT/WBT courseware development capability (executable available on CD).


  • Training Services Overview Video (Ch 4 available on CD)
  • Media Productions Overview Video (Ch 6 available on CD)
  • Jeppesen’s Digital Future – EFB Video
  • CMA Training Overview Video (Ch 5 available on CD)


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