Charts and Navigation Workshop

Pilot Chart Navigation Training

As the counterpart to our charts and navigation course for dispatchers, this course has been designed to provide experienced chart users with aviation chart training on the details and information found on Jeppesen Charts and Airway Manuals. Additionally, our workshop is designed for not only airline pilots, but also flight crew members, flight operations officers, dispatchers, and Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) personnel. As a student, you will learn:

  • Advanced insight into Jeppesen charts
  • Guidance regarding critical chart information 
  • Insight into the subtle nuances of aviation charting procedures 

This course also provides an overview of various ICAO and local rules and regulations. Review the course schedule for a complete list of available worldwide open enrollment training classes.

Note:  This chart workshop can be tailored to address your airline's specific route structure and airports.

To learn more, download the Charts and Navigation Workshop printer friendly document.

This advanced chart training workshop thoroughly covers:

  • The examination of airport charts
  • Approach charts, departure charts, and arrival charts
  • Enroute high and low altitude charts
  • Oceanic, polar charts and the textual content of our Airway Manual

Graduates receive a comprehensive package of training and reference materials, including:

  • Charts, maps and navigational information
  • A Jeppesen graduation certificate

Course Title 

Course Length 

Tuition per Student

Initial Training (CNW-1)

2 Days


Recurrent Training (CNW-2)

1 Day




U.S. Classes

1. Read through the “Course Details” document in full and contact us with any questions. 

2. Complete online registration for at

3. After receiving your registration Jeppesen will then issue you a visa invitation letter if required, and then contact you to arrange course payment.

4. Once a course payment has been received, Jeppesen will then ship you out a student kit (Jeppesen flight bag full of course notes, reference publications, test prep software/books, flight planning calculator, etc).  Jeppesen will then work with you via phone and e-mail support on preparation study.  *Preparation study is the top suggestion of past graduates for incoming students.  Do not make the mistake of waiting until class to begin your study, as you will not get the most from your training experience – regardless of your background.

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