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Commercial Aviation Training

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Commercial Aviation Ground Training

Commercial Airline Flight Planning Dispatch

Airline Training Courses

Our aviation training services offer you a variety of modern airline dispatch theory training classes. Our courses are particularly applicable for aviation students who include:

  • Airline flight dispatchers
  • Flight crew planners
  • Flight operations control managers
  • And many others

To learn more about aviation ground training courses and flight operations training from Jeppesen, check out the courses offered below.

Looking for Pilot Training?

ICAO Aviation English Testing and Training

Take your ICAO compliant aviation English test online or in an instructor led training using the Jeppesen testing and training solution.

Flight Operations Management Fundamentals

Learn the technical principles of an International Airline Operations Center (AOC) and the workflow processes and protocols.

FAA / NAA Dispatcher Certification - Online or Traditional Classroom

Receive a Dispatcher Certificate issued by the United States FAA, the Malaysian DCA, or other National Aviation Authorities (depending upon class location).

Dispatcher Recurrent Training

Refresh core dispatcher knowledge and learn new concepts and advanced technologies, tailored for operational needs.

International Flight Planning for Dispatchers

Learn the fundamentals of international flight operations, track systems, CNS/ATM, oceanic and polar flight planning, international aviation law and ICAO rules and regulations.

Dispatch Resource Management

Learn how to prevent aviation incidents and accidents by improving team performance through coordination and communication.

Charts and Navigation Workshop

Examine the details and information found on our charts and in our Jeppesen Airway Manuals.

Airspace Systems Workshop

Have an understanding and knowledge of the emerging and increasingly complex international airspace systems.

Aircraft Performance

Study the practical aspects aircraft certification regulations and operating regulations , along with optional subjects such as assumed temperature, ETOPS, terrain drift down, and contaminated runways.

Courseware Development Solutions

We are in a unique position to utilize our expertise to offer you customized development of courseware for all of your training needs.

IATA - Jeppesen Diploma Programs

Two of the most trusted names in aviation have joined together to offer three new exciting and engaging diploma programs designed to develop the operational and managerial skills of tomorrowęs leaders.

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