FAA / NAA / EASA Dispatcher Training - Online or Traditional Classroom

Aircraft and Flight Dispatcher License Training and Certification School

This online or traditional classroom based course prepares flight dispatcher school students to take the written, oral, and practical exams leading to issuance of an aircraft dispatcher license. Upon successful completion of the course, you will have the background necessary to:

  • Earn a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) license through classes delivered in the United States. 
  • Earn other National Aviation Administration (NAA) licenses depending upon availability and course location.
  • Obtain EASA based Dispatcher / Flight Operations Officer training training in compliance with ICAO Phase 1 of Doc 7192 D3.


Review the Jeppesen Dispatcher Course Schedule for a complete list of worldwide open enrollment classes and details associated with FAA/NAA/EASA compliance. Groups with more than seven (7) students can also schedule custom class dates at Jeppesen, Boeing, or customer aviation training facilities worldwide.

For course details and online and classroom training options please visit our Airline Dispatcher Course Details printer-friendly document.

Training is a small but important service in the Jeppesen Operations Control product suite, designed to better enable our customers to get the most from our products and services.

Hiring Managers: Jeppesen Airline Dispatcher training will not only provide high quality staff training, but bring real value and benefit to your operations.  For group enrollments, Jeppesen will include discounted on-the-job focused training on customer specific flight planning formats, airport analysis formats, tailored charting, and other dispatch related tools, policies, and exemptions. Our goal is to enable operators to get most out of your initial employee training programs by providing applicants with the highest standards in fundamentals training and how to apply that knowledge on the job.

Dispatchers: Obtain the FAA / NAA Aircraft Dispatcher License and new or refined career opportunities as a dispatcher / flight operations officer. In addition to flight dispatch, applicants will learn fundamentals critical to other careers, such as corporate aircraft operations, military aircraft operations, humanitarian aircraft operations, regulatory agencies, or vendors which supply countless products and services to global aircraft operations (flight planning software, charting, ramp services, aircraft manufacturers, and more).

Pilots: The FAA / NAA Dispatcher Written exam is very similar to the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) written exam, so pilots can prepare for (or retake) the ATP while increasing their backup career options.

Operations Management: The ATP "body of knowledge" plus flight planning and practical dispatching is applicable to many operational management responsibilities.  This course provides the technical background along with an appreciation for how to maximize the efficiency of or transport category operations.


  • Duties, responsibilities, work rules, and local/international regulations for dispatchers
  • Proficiency in the following subject areas: Meteorology, Aeromedical, Emergency, Security, Communications, Air Traffic Control, Navigation Principles, Navigation Systems, Instrument Approach Procedures, Charts and Airspace, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems, Weight and Balance, Aircraft Performance, Aircraft MEL/CDL, Regulations, Special Navigation & International Ops, Deicing and Anti-icing, Manual Flight Planning, Dispatch Resource Management, and Practical Dispatching
  • Application of all theory to practical dispatching skills
  • Familiarization with Airline Operation Control / Flight Dispatch software tools such as flight planning systems, crew scheduling, airport analysis / aircraft performance analysis, NavData, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and other related Jeppesen products



  • Individuals
    • FOM-2 (Full 6-Week Course): $4,375 USD. Fees include: Registration, course tuition, and student kit. FAA written and oral exam fees* are not included.
    • FOM-2A (2-Week advanced course): $1,975. Fees include; Registration, Course Tuition, and Student Kit Materials. FAA Written and Oral exam fees* are not included.
    • FOM-2B (1-Week NAA transition course): $475. Fees include: Registration, and Course Tuition. FAA Written and Oral exam fees* are not included. Students must bring complete Student Kit Materials to Denver class. Updated kits available for an additional $450.
    • *FAA Examination Fees: Students must pay FAA Written and Oral/Practical examination fees directly to FAA approved testing centers and FAA examiners (approximately $550).
  • Corporate / Military group pricingContact Us for pricing and to review your customization options.
  • View our Training Facility Information, lodging, ground transportation, maps, etc.
  • Learn about Financial Aid Information (WIA, Veteran Affairs, payment plans, etc).
  • Review Invoicing and Payment Information.




1. Read through the “Course Details” document in full and contact us with any questions. 

2. Complete online registration for at www.jeppesen.com/trainingregistration.

3. After receiving your registration Jeppesen will then issue you a visa invitation letter if required, and then contact you to arrange course payment.

4. Once a course payment has been received, Jeppesen will then ship you out a student kit (Jeppesen flight bag full of course notes, reference publications, test prep software/books, flight planning calculator, etc).  Jeppesen will then work with you via phone and email support on preparation study.  *Preparation study is the top suggestion of past graduates for incoming students.  Do not make the mistake of waiting until class to begin your study, as you will not get the most from your training experience – regardless of your background.

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