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Flight Operations Management Fundamentals

Airline Operations Control (AOC) Training Course

This course provides flight dispatcher school students with the fundamental aviation background necessary to succeed as a flight operations officer, or as a flight dispatch specialist. Airline flight ops training students will learn:

  • Workflow processes and protocols of an international Airline Operations Center (AOC). 
  • Airline operations control fundamentals and ops control indoc training.
  • Basic theory of commercial aviation dispatch procedures and work rules.
  • Local and international regulations and language used in the AOC.  

While this course is not required for FAA Dispatcher Certification, it is required for all other NAA Dispatcher Certifications.

To learn more about our airline dispatch basic training course, download the Flight Operations Management Level 1 printer friendly document.

This course covers an array of airline operations fundamentals, including:

  • The history of commercial aviation
  • Basic aerodynamics and aircraft performance
  • Form-of-the-earth and basic navigation
  • Basic meteorology and weather considerations
  • Standard flight planning procedures and protocols
  • International law, flight regulations, and aviation governing agencies

Course Title

Course Length

Tuition per Student

Initial Training (FOM-1)

5 Days

Contact Us


1. Read through the “Course Details” document in full and contact us with any questions. 

2. Complete online registration for at

3. After receiving your registration Jeppesen will then issue you a visa invitation letter if required, and then contact you to arrange course payment.

4. Once a course payment has been received, Jeppesen will then ship you out a student kit (Jeppesen flight bag full of course notes, reference publications, test prep software/books, flight planning calculator, etc).  Jeppesen will then work with you via phone and email support on preparation study.  *Preparation study is the top suggestion of past graduates for incoming students.  Do not make the mistake of waiting until class to begin your study, as you will not get the most from your training experience – regardless of your background.

To learn more about Airline Operations Control (AOC) training from Jeppesen, please:


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