Aircraft Performance


In this course you will study the aircraft certification regulations (FAR Part 25) and airline operating regulations (FAR Part 121/135).  Course delivery can be tailored for your airline needs, to focus on applications concerning takeoff performance, ETOPS, terrain drift down, etc.

To learn more, download the Aircraft Performance printer friendly document.

  • Field Length Requirements
  • Climb limitations, obstacle limitations, brake energy limitations, tire speed limitations, quick turnaround limitations
  • Improved climb/overspeed takeoffs
  • V1 Implications
  • Derate and Assumed Temperature takeoffs
  • Wet and contaminated field takeoff performance
  • The Flight Planning and Performance Manual (FPPM)
  • Effects of MEL/CDL on takeoff performance
  • Landing field length limits and approach and landing climb limits
  • MAP Climb gradients required in low visibility approaches
  • Environmental and configuration effects on performance
  • Engine out drift down procedures and performance
  • Military/FAR/JAR differences
  • Aircraft performance versus TERPS and PANS OPS procedure design

If you work in flight operations or on an experienced flight crew, this course was designed for you.

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