Dispatcher Recurrent Training

Dispatcher and Flight Operations Officer Refresher Training

Dispatcher recurrent training is designed to provide dispatchers and flight operations officers with refreshed knowledge on a wide range of core and advanced subjects seen below. Jeppesen focuses training on the knowledge and skills which will improve operational safety and efficiency.

Individuals can visit our online course schedule page for up coming open enrollment classes at each Jeppesen training center.

Operators should contact us today for a tailored lesson plan to best fit subjects to your operational needs.  Training can be delivered at a Jeppesen/Boeing facility, or at any global customer training facility. For multi-year recurrent training options Jeppesen can suggest a rotation of subjects which will reinforce dispatcher certification fundamentals and challenge current dispatchers with advanced concepts and industry best practices.

To learn more, download the Dispatcher Recurrent printer friendly document.

Operators can select from a wide array of topics as seen below.  Subjects selected will dictate training duration.  Contact us today to obtain a tailored lesson plan on selected modules.  Training modules include, but are not limited to;

  • Advanced Meteorology
  • Weather Hazards
  • Advanced Aeronautical Charting
  • Fuel Conservation Strategies
  • Navigational Data (NavData)
  • Conventional Navigation Systems
  • GNSS / GPS
  • Performance Based Nav (PBN)
  • Required Nav Performance (RNP)
  • Future Air Nav Systems (FANS)
  • ICAO Global Ops Data Link (GOLD)
  • ADS-C / ADS-B
  • Required Comm Performance (RCP)
  • International Operations - General
  • International Operations - Regional
  • High Latitude & Polar Operations
  • Reclear / Redispatch
  • RVSM and Transition Airspace
  • International Air Law
  • NextGen
  • Local Civil Regulations
  • Approach Procedures
  • Airspace Workshop
  • Advanced Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Systems for Dispatch
  • Weight and Balance
  • MEL/CDLs
  • Aircraft Performance for Dispatch
  • Extended Range Ops (ETOPS / EDTO)
  • Terrain Drift Down
  • Airport Analysis
  • Airport Familiarization
  • Alternate Planning Checklist
  • Cold Weather Operations
  • Hazmat
  • Dispatch Resource Management and Error Chain Management (DRM / EMT)
  • Dispatch Checklist
  • Custom Dispatch Scenarios
  • Jeppesen Product Updates
  • Denver based class tour options: Jeppesen AOC product updates and production tour, DEN FAA ARTCC, NOAA Aviation Weather Center, National Center for Atmospheric Research, NIST, and NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (subject to availability and screening).


Contact us today for pricing of open enrollment classes, and for tailored recurrent training courses.  Tailored course length and pricing is based on the topics selected and training location. Jeppesen will tailor a course syllabus based upon the operators needs. Typical solutions range between 3-day and 2-week programs. Jeppesen staff can work with operational managers and regulators to outline the most efficient and effective recurrent training syllabus possible.

 For more information please visit the links below and contact us today with questions;


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