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Pairing I

Course Description

This course addresses experienced planners with no or little knowledge of the Jeppesen Crew Pairing system. Beginners not familiar with pairing concepts should begin with the course Introduction to Pairing.

Introduction to Pairing

2 days

Course goals
This course gives you a thorough introduction to Jeppesen Crew Pairing. After completing the course you will be able to:

  • produce production trips using Jeppesen Crew Pairing
  • use manual and automatic tools
  • perform simple simulations.

Course topics

  • Graphical user interface (Studio)
  • Manual planning
  • Planning concepts
  • Input and output
  • Create standard solution
  • Optimization
  • Rules and objectives
  • Objective function
  • Create a dated solution
  • Regularity

All exercises are done using a generic flight data and rule set.

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