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Efficient Internet-Based Flight Planning

Take your flight planning department to a new level of cost-effective operational efficiency using our feature-rich Internet-based flight planning solution, With, you can connect to our industry-leading JetPlan® flight planning engine anytime, anywhere. Our easy-to-use interface provides your airline with convenient, low-cost access to a full-range of established Jeppesen flight planning capabilities with as little as a PC, an Internet connection, and Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher.

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With, your airline will be able to:

  • Retrieve, view, and print graphical weather maps
  • View planned routes against ETOPS and other constraints
  • Run flight plans and file flight plans with ATC
  • Transmit flight plans, weather, and NOTAMs via SITA, ARINC, AFTN, FAX, e-mail, and some ACARS providers
  • Manage all customer databases online
  • Retrieve enroute charges reports

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With, your airline will have access to:

  • The JetPlan flight planning engine
  • Our easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Graphical weather displays and NOTAMs
  • Minimal setup costs and low communication costs
  • Text-based flight planning

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To learn more about the advantages that can bring to your airline, please:

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