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EFB Applications for Airbus Aircraft

Airbus EFB Service Page Image


Jeppesen's Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications for Airbus aircraft contribute to the technological advances of digital information delivery and management.  Jeppesen's applications offer an integrated system for managing information both in the air and on the ground.

Jeppesen and Airbus have a long-term partnership to integrate the Jeppesen EFB applications seamlessly into the Airbus cockpit environment.  By supporting the Airbus Crew Resource Management philosophy, this enables an efficient workflow and reduces pilot workload.

Jeppesen's fully integrated solutions are currently available on the Onboard Information System of the new Airbus A380.  In addition to the already available Jeppesen standard Class 2 solutions, the Airbus EFB platforms for the A330/A340 and A320 aircraft families with integrated Jeppesen solutions will follow very soon.

The software applications include Jeppesen's database-driven and pre-composed electronic charts as well as the possibility to browse the Jeppesen Airway Manual text and airline company manuals in the Airbus electronic text browser.  The suite also features a range of advanced quality tools and online data distribution options revolutionizing how flight information and data are managed and distributed to the ground support infrastructure and to the flight deck.

Jeppesen Data Server (JDS) technology is specifically designed to support safe and efficient delivery and periodic updates of high-quality electronic data.  JDS technology offers:

  • Ground viewers for all Jeppesen products
  • Secure data delivery on mixed fleets
  • Managed coverage for all digital Jeppesen products
  • Small file sizes through incremental updates
  • Reduction of manual quality assurance steps

More than just tools and technology, Jeppesen has the experience and resources to ensure success.  Only Jeppesen brings all of this together and delivers real world solutions from a single, trusted source.

Terminal Charts application on A380 main features:

  • Developed with Airbus Cockpit Team: Jeppesen EFB experts and Airbus Human Factors experts leveraged their knowledge to create a generation of pilot applications
  • Seamless integration into cockpit workflow: Jeppesen application is adapted to the philosophy of the avionics workflow, connection to aircraft allows data read-out
  • Usable in all flight phases:  Setup on ground or in cruise via keyboard, chart viewing, and manipulating during taxi and final approach by using the "stowed keyboard mode"
  • Cpt. and F/O systems interconnected: Transfer single chart or entire chart clip from right to left or vice versa, use identical views for briefings
  • Proven ergonomic position: Pilot interface integrated in Airbus Onboard Information System using keyboard, touchpad, additional control device (ACD) and OIS screen
  • Onboard printing capability: Print single charts, charts selection or entire clip directly in the cockpit
  • Evaluated by Airbus test pilots and airline pilots: Development has been an evolutionary, iterative process, incorporating needs and expertise of end users

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  • No additional hardware required: Uses existing Airbus cockpit systems
  • Consistent installation and updating data flow: Uses Airbus onboard installation tools
  • Integration within Jeppesen Data Distribution Management: DDM system
  • Easily manage chart effectivity: Preselection of correct AIRAC cycle, mid-cycle effectivity management
  • Data out of one hand: Jeppesen Airport Mapping Databases feed the avionics Onboard Airport Navigation System, as well as the charting applications on the OIS
  • Customer support: 24/7 support from Airbus and Jeppesen
  • Paperless operations: Jeppesen and Airbus support to gain authority approval for paperless operations
  • Prepared

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