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Document Management Service

Aviation Manual Maintenance and Publishing System

Our Document Management Services (DMS) helps your airline or business aviation operation easily fulfill regulatory requirements while providing and maintaining technical documentation. Matched with your operator-specific needs, our DMS system:

  • Enables you to easy transition your organization to full electronic document solutions
  • Creates a framework to manage content in a non-proprietary format
  • Provides a low-risk software alternative to costly technology investments
  • Offers an integrated aviation solution utilizing your existing procedures

Commercial Airline Operators
Please contact one of our professional sales representatives by using the appropriate phone number to the left, or complete a request for product information form.

EASA Air OPS Part-NCC Operators
Non-commercial and business aviation operators flying complex motor-powered aircraft registered within the EASA Member States must comply with Part-NCC regulation by August 25, 2016.With 20 years of experience in providing Operations Manuals for operators around the world, we can offer you the benefit of our detailed knowledge and our close contacts with EASA, National Regulatory Authorities and Aviation Associations.

We guide you through the regulatory requirements and provide you with the documentation you need to stay compliant with Part-NCC. A simplified questionnaire process plus personal consulting sessions help to define and compile the Operations Manual (OM) proportionate to your operation and Minimum Equipment List (MEL) documentation.

Our update service ensures you stay compliant: Regulatory changes will be monitored and managed for you by Jeppesen. Your operational changes will be incorporated into the documents according to your requirements.

Please review our online presentation held at a Jeppesen Webinar on 10 September 2015 with EASA guest speaker Willy Sigl, Regulatory Officer, for detailed information.
Or listen to the Webinar recording, including additional details and a 20 minutes Q&A session.

This presentation includes:

  • Regulatory Background
  • Consequences for NCC Operators
  • Solution offers for NCC Operators


You may contact for more information or to be notified for future communication activities.


  • Data and file management through state-of-the-art database technologies
  • Data processing and preparation optimized for digital and paper outputs
  • Revision and distribution management
  • Data engineering in accordance with regulatory requirements

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Technical Benefits

  • Single point of contact for all documentation matters
  • Structured content maintained within a document management system
  • Experienced team managing complex scenarios


Operational Benefits

  • Monitoring of various regulations and provision of revision proposals
  • Consistent presentation of information (Human Factors)
  • Coordinated documentation throughout all departments
  • Enabling move to digital solutions such as web, EFB and mobile platforms

Financial Benefits

  • Elimination of need for investment in technology through outsourcing
  • Clear and predictable price model
  • Fees include conversion, hosting, maintenance, publishing and digital distribution

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