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Crew and Fleet Management Solutions

Our industry-leading Jeppesen Crew & Fleet Management solutions are used by major airlines across the world.  Our software provides fast, high-quality solutions for large crew populations, including problems with a high degree of structural complexity.

Learn more about our product and service offerings by clicking on the links below. 

For more information about our intuitive and efficient crew communication tools, please download the Jeppesen Crew Modules fact sheet (pdf).

For more information about our training offering, please see the Crew Academy pages.


Manpower Planning

Provide adequate crew establishment while minimizing cost.

Jeppesen Crew Pairing

Create crew pairings with a minimal total crew cost by building pairings interactively or using our pairing optimizer. Generate robust connections and achieve the level of crew quality that you require.

Jeppesen Crew Rostering

Make the most efficient decisions that meet your crewsı needs through an integrated solution that supports multiple and diverse rostering models for your various airline crew scenario options.

Jeppesen Crew Tracking

Recover from disrupted crew rosters while maintaining minimal crew costs.

Jeppesen Crew Management System

Lower your operating costs, improve flexibility and gain an integrated crew management process.

Jeppesen Disruption Management

Support fast and cost-efficient decisions on the day of operation.

Jeppesen Crew Recovery

Jeppesen Crew Recovery provides recovery options for major and minor disruptions.

Jeppesen Passenger Recovery

Control your costs while improving your passenger service.

Jeppesen Ops Control

Quickly recover from major and minor airline disruptions.

Jeppesen Tail Assignment

Jeppesen Tail Assignment helps airlines improve on-time performance, lower fuel and maintenance costs while utilizing aircraft more efficiently.

Fatigue Risk Management

FRM-based crew scheduling provides control of predicted crew alertness level and associated risk. The system provides powerful "what-if" capability to evaluate effects on productivity and fatigue resulting from rule changes.

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