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Jeppesen CFAS/Concert

Assess fatigue in your crew schedules – in your existing system

Jeppesen Crew Fatigue Assessment Service (CFAS) is a web service that provides automated feedback on crew fatigue within your airline's crew rosters. Rosters can be submitted to Jeppesen either through the CFAS web site, or automatically from your crew management system. With CFAS you can measure predicted alertness levels on entire crew plans containing several thousand crew rosters/lines/trips in just a few minutes. You can trend the development over time, on both planned and actual production, and you can use the results to improve scheduling, evaluate the efficiency of your Fatigue Risk Management System, and better protect those difficult flights, from long-term planning through to day of operation.

Access the service at


  • Overall statistics on entire crew solution with thousands of trips and rosters
  • Detailed predictions graphs on each trip or roster in PDF reports sorted from worst to best
  • Detailed data report with all other values you might need for further analysis.
  • Select among several models (currently Boeing Alertness Model (BAM), soon also Fatigue Audit InterDyne Model, FAID)


  • Full solution analysis in seconds
  • Allow you to change fatigue model going forward
  • No local installation needed and easy to connect to your existing solution
  • Access to several models (BAM, but soon also FAID)
  • May be used throughout your crew management process; pairing, rostering, tracking…


Access the service at

Concert visualized (pdf) 

Concert product sheet (pdf)

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