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Fatigue Models

Use the leading fatigue models with the products and services in the Jeppesen portfolio

Jeppesen employ a model-independent approach recognizing that models evolve and also that different regulators might advice their operators on using different models. The usage of CAPI is consistent throughout the portfolio and both CrewAlert, CFAS and the Jeppesen Crew Solutions can easily switch over to another model. 

Several model providers have started to develop model implementations that supports CAPI – but progress varies between vendors. To date only the Boeing Alertness Model (BAM) and FAID® are compliant, but we hope with some customer “pull”, that also other model vendors will finalize their development – please enquire with us and your preferred vendor for an update on status.

  • Model interchangeability


  • Enables comparison between models – ensuring you use the best science
  • Keeps your options open rather than locking in on one model


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