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Universal Cockpit Display


We are pleased to offer a wide selection of chart database services for the Universal UCD. Our chart databases are distributed via Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) and utilize vector graphics technology for displaying high-resolution charts in full color. In addition, aircraft position with moving map is depicted on the plan view of approach charts, on airport diagrams and on Class B airspace charts. Chart databases are sold on an annual subscription basis and delivered via JDM every 14 days.

Each chart database service includes:

  • Terminal charts (approach, departure, arrival, airport, and Class B airspace)
  • Enroute charts, Area charts and text information in paper form


The state-of-the-art functionality of our electronic charts works with the system's 3-D flight path mapping, and multi-sensor navigation capabilities to deliver enhanced situational awareness and seamless takeoff-to-touchdown flight guidance.

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NavData and JeppView MFD services are currently 
not available for sale online.  
For pricing,  ordering and additional information please contact Sales Support.

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