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JeppView Electronic Charting


Join the electronic age with Jeppesen JeppView® electronic navigation charts. Receive all the information you get from our standard Airway Manual and European VFR Manual in easy-to-use electronic format. Save money, time and paper and help protect the environment. You pick the coverage area and we’ll supply airway and airport diagrams, navigation aids and approach plates - all electronically. Say goodbye to the days of carrying paper and cluttering your cockpit. Catch the wave of the future with our electronic charts.

JeppView 5.0 Update

  • Save time with electronic revisions via the Internet or CD
  • Quickly search for specific Jeppesen front matter text using the XML Text Search Feature
  • Enhance situational awareness using moving map and real-time weather graphic overlay on Jeppesen enroute/terminal charts
  • Easily customize enroute chart theme to tailor to your viewing preference
  • Familiar platform with kneeboard size trip kit printing feature

JeppView Ground-based features:

  • Depict all charts from respective coverage
  • Create trip kit with departure, destination and alternate
  • Create paper backups for in-flight use
  • Get all needed regulations from text portions
  • Fast access to text information with search function
  • Ability to rotate and split screen view of charts
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-view full-color vector enroute IFR and VFR charts
  • Electronic text includes all general and country-specific information
  • Text chapters are structured as recommended by ICAO
  • Update your charts anytime, anywhere via the Internet


  • Arrival, departure, and approach procedures
  • With FliteDeck Moving Map display track your aircraft’s progress as you fly (requires GPS receiver)
  • Full-color, high-quality vector-based charts to zoom in and out without loss of detail
  • Printable charts for use as backup
  • Digital VFR Charts for the European Market

For support with existing JeppView, see: JeppView Tech Support and User Manual
For more information in an interactive format: JeppView Flash Demo
Listen to what pilots have to say: Jeppesen Podcasts
For more information on regulations, how to be legal, hardware, and more, visit:
Use our interactive, online JeppView Flite Deck Tutorials for help using your subscription.

JeppView Product Sheets (PDF):
English | French | Italian | Portuguese | Spanish

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