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We offer the most current, accurate and reliable navigation data and integrated chart solutions for your panel mount & integrated Garmin systems. Our name ensures that whether you fly for business or simply for fun, your Garmin system can be relied upon to be the primary navigation unit on your aircraft.

Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM)

Interested in General Aviation Avionics?


NavData and JeppView MFD services are currently 
not available for sale online.  
For pricing,  ordering and additional information please contact Sales Support.

We offer NavData and/or IFR Chart solutions for the following Garmin avionics systems. Click the model to see coverages and additional information.

GNS 400, 400W, 420, 420W, 430, 430W, 500, 500W, 530, 530W



Get the most from your GPS system with Jeppesen NavData. It has become known worldwide as the most accurate, current and complete GPS information available, enabling you to maximize situational awareness and safety on every flight. Jeppesen NavData updates include: Airports, Runways, Frequencies, Waypoints, Navaids, Controlled Airspace, Restricted Airspace, Terminal Procedures, SIDs, STARs & DPs, Obstacles. We offer a variety of geographical coverages that are well suited for your flying needs.

Jeppesen Charts for Multi-Function Display (JeppView MFD)
We also make it easy to integrate Jeppesen charts into your Garmin MFD (Multi-Function Display). The same Jeppesen charts you're using in paper can be viewed from your MFD clearly and easily. Our charts can be integrated into the following Garmin systems: G1000, G900X, GMX 200, MX-20.

For service details, requirements and pricing, call Customer Service at 800.621.5377 or 303.799.9090.

Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM)
JDM Quick Start Guide for Windows or Mac

Every month, thousands of changes occur in the world’s complex airspace system, creating the need for timely and continuous NavData updates. Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) is a single software application that allows you to quickly and easily access data updates via the internet, while continually monitoring for notices and alerts that changes have occurred to critical data within your Jeppesen NavData coverage area(s).

 A Progressive, Customer-Inspired Solution
JDM is the result of our continual commitment to expertise and our customers. Based on direct feedback and suggestions from pilots worldwide, we designed JDM to deliver specific benefits that make it easier to access the information you need to fly safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. here’s a look at some of the key advantages you’ll gain with JDM:

Streamlined Software
In addition to simplifying access to your NavData updates, JDM can also be used to download other MFD service updates, including our electronic IFR chart revisions. as a result, you are able to utilize a consistent interface when updating all of your Jeppesen electronic navigation services, creating a more efficient solution that saves you time, money and headaches.

Automatic Alerts
In addition to accessing complete revision downloads, JDM allows you to continually monitor for notices and alerts communicating that changes have occurred to critical data within your NavData coverage area(s).

Programming Flexibility
Remember the days when you had to have your avionics system on hand in order to download and update your NavData or other MFD services? With JDM, those days are history. Now, you can simply download revisions and updates to your desktop or portable computer and upload the information to your avionics system - where and when it is most convenient for you.

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