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Customized General Operations Manual

Business Aviation Training & Flight Crew Training


All aviation companies that have more than one pilot must have a General Operating Manual or "GOM" which is an outline of the policies and procedures established by the company. This manual is also commonly referred to as a Company Operations Manual or Flight Operations Manual. The manual outlines regulations that are in addition to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) regulations and the information contained within the manual cannot conflict with those regulations. All flight, ground, and maintenance personnel are required to know the contents of this manual. In addition, the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (ISBAO) publishes standards for these manuals.

Key benefits to using Jeppesen's Online GOM/FOM:

  • Enhances the Jeppesen Flight Crew Training product line with an easy-to-use and cost-effective module that can be used to meet FAR 135.293 (a) (1) requirements
  • Provides annual testing on operation specifications and a certificate holder's manual or for initial and recurrent testing of a corporate operator's GOM
  • Provides a simple method to upload and customize customer-specific data into the Jeppesen Learning Center
  • Accommodates Safety Management System (SMS) portions of the operator's GOM (a future requirement for all part 135 operators)
  • Provides managers easy access to track employees' training progress and completion in order to achieve the necessary training documentation

View Demo 

Following the regulatory requirements and parameters described above, customized GOM includes:

  • The operator's GOM set up in the Jeppesen Learning Center as a trackable course
  • An exam on the GOM (customers choose between two options):
    • Standard exam-This exam contains 130 generic questions in a pool. Each student will complete the exam of 30 questions pulled randomly from the pool
    • Customized exam-This exam can be comprised of all customer-specific questions or it can be a combination of standard and customer-specific questions. We provide our full pool of questions as a basis from which the operator can choose

    View Syllabus (PDF)

Enrollment Procedure

The new Jeppesen Learning Management System features both the student modules and the corresponding performance records. Training Managers will receive access to a variety of features and functions that eventually enable them to monitor and maximize student progress.

Therefore, the Training Managers will be involved in defining the system, modules and students accordingly. Please contact your Regional Sales Representative to learn additional detail and/or receive the required documentation.


For detailed information on pricing please contact our respective Regional Sales Representatives:

North America, Asia: BA Customer Service | (800) 553-7750 or (303) 328-4244
Europe, Africa: Charles Webster | +44-774-7468826

Certificate of Completion

The Jeppesen Learning Center automatically generates a certificate of completion once the student completes all instructional material and passes the exam at 80% or better. The system sends the certificate via e-mail and the student has access to it online as well.

CAA Approval

For help and information concerning the certification process at your local CAA, please contact our respective Regional Sales Representatives:

North America, Asia: BA Customer Service | (800) 553-7750 or (303) 328-4244
Europe, Africa: Charles Webster | +44 1293 842469

With Jeppesen Flight Crew Training, your pilots can stay on the job and receive recurrent training during their down time. Flight Crew Training is web based, so pilots study, review and take tests on-line anywhere they have access to the Internet. It provides an excellent way to maximize your pilots' time, while minimizing training costs.

  • Availability. e-Learning is on-demand and "just-in-time" for each pilot. Eliminate scheduling barriers for recurrent pilot training.
  • Productivity. On a layover at a FBO, in a hotel room during a trip or at home - e-Learning increases the individual productivity of your aircrews.
  •  Effectivity. e-Learning offers a consistency in delivery and content and many studies have proven equal effectiveness in comparison to traditional classroom education.
  •  Flexibility. Create custom curriculums from Jeppesen lessons for initial, recurrent or new hire training.
  • Savings. e-Learning shortens your time away at simulation centers which reduces your total training budget.
  • Tracking and Reporting. The Jeppesen Learning Center platform tracks and measures learning effectiveness with pre-configured reports. Reports encompass all aspects of learning including training activities, registration, and completion.
  • Regulatory Compliance. The Jeppesen Learning Center platform automates the certification process and enables organizations to measure and track certification and compliance activities in highly efficient fashion.

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