2012 ICAO Amendment Changes for Flight Plans

Will You Be Able to Fly After November 15, 2012?

On November 15, 2012, the new ICAO FPL Amendment will take effect, changing the way all ICAO flight plans are filed. You must take these new changes into account when filing your ICAO flight plans, or your flight plans will be rejected by ATC.

There are many changes in the amendment, but the biggest are in Item 10, “Equipment,” and Item 18, “Other Information.” From July 15, 2012 through November 14, 2012, a plan can be submitted in either the current “pre-2012” format or the new “ICAO 2012 format.” From November 15, 2012 onward, filings must be in the new ICAO 2012 format.   

How is Jeppesen Helping Customers with ICAO 2012?

At Jeppesen, we are enhancing our filing-related products and services to help customers successfully make the transition to ICAO 2012. We are committed to ensuring that our customers’ flights and operations continue to run efficiently and smoothly. This includes a variety of planning tools and other useful information that customers can use to prepare for a smooth transition. To access the information, log in to JetPlan.com and click the “ICAO 2012” link at the top of the page.

Jeppesen has developed a self paced on-line ICAO 2012 training module to assist you with making the necessary changes to your aircraft database. Please contact your Account Manager or the GSCC to request  access to this ICAO 2012 training.

As always, feel free to call our support center with any questions:

  • U.S. Toll Free: 1-800-375-4973
  • U.S. Direct: 303-328-4585
  • International: +49 610 250 8450

You can also e-mail us at our special ICAO 2012 address, at icao2012@jeppesen.com.

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