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Middle East office, Dubai, UAE

Jeppesen shares a long standing relationship with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and other nations in the Middle East. From air transport and aviation support services, to commercial and military aviation products, Jeppesen values its relationships in the region. The importance of the UAE and its neighbours was reaffirmed in 2007 when Jeppesen opened its office in the Dubai Airport Free Zone in order to better serve its customers. Offering pilot and dispatch training solutions, FliteSupport Services and fuel services, commercial aviation and military aviation sales, and business aviation customer services directly from the region Jeppesen is committed to building on its relationships in the Middle East for mutual benefit in the future.


Jeppesen U.K. Limited (Middle East)
Dubai Airport Free Zone
Building 4E, Block B, 6th Floor, Boeing Offices
P.O. Box 293792
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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