Jeppesen has announced the Spring 2012 Release of its popular C-MAP 4D and C-MAP MAX cartography, providing a variety of significant enhancements and new chart data to boaters across Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Jeppesen updates its electronic charts three times per year, and makes these updates and upgrades available to boaters through a variety of convenient and affordable channels. Updates are available through authorized Jeppesen Marine dealers worldwide, or by exchanging existing C-MAP 4D, C-MAP MAX or C-MAP NT+ chart card through a Jeppesen Marine office. The easiest and most affordable way to receive an annual update is to join Club Jeppesen, where members receive a yearly chart update and many other valuable benefits for less than the cost of an update alone.

Jeppesen’s C-MAP 4D cartography is designed so boaters can customize chart data to best suit their needs, then add new coverage and/or data as their needs change. The Spring 2012 Release includes a new 3D model with a brighter sun-viewable color palette for C-MAP 4D delivering a unique, enhanced 3D charting experience. Boaters who receive this latest update will also benefit from the addition of hundreds of new aerial images and detailed marina port plans that assist with coastal navigation and entering/exiting unfamiliar marinas.

Highlights of Jeppesen’s Spring 2012 Release include:

  • New Photos for Hungary’s Lake Balaton area — Jeppesen has added 80 new photographs to its C-MAP 4D and C-MAP MAX coverage for Hungary’s Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe and a key recreational destination. Newly added photos of port entrances, NavAids and harbor areas will increase situational awareness and confidence for boaters navigating this popular inland waterway.
  • Revamped Port Plans and New Aerial Photos for Greece — The Spring 2012 Release of C-MAP 4D and C-MAP MAX features more than 170 revamped port plans and 350 new photos across Greece. These ports and bays offer new detailed cartography, up-to-date lists of services/facilities and detailed aerial imagery indicating potential dangers, out-of-track bays, and entrances to ports. 
  • More than 500 new NavAid photos for the North of France — C-MAP 4D and C-MAP MAX cartography for the North of France has been enhanced by the addition of 500 new photos of various aids to navigation. These additions will help boaters recognize specific NavAids not only by position and lighting characteristics, but also through visual identification, improving situational awareness.
  • New C-Marina Port Plans — Key regional marinas have been added to the Spring 2012 Release of      C-MAP 4D and C-MAP MAX, including Ekenas in Sweden, Lango in Denmark and Samos in Greece, along with a variety of new marinas in Croatian waters.

Boaters worldwide who wish to research Jeppesen’s latest C-MAP cartography offerings and view chart coverage for their boating region in real time are encouraged to use the company’s newly launched C-MAP by Jeppesen Web Catalogue. To learn more about compatible navigation systems for 
C-MAP 4D and C-MAP MAX cartography — or the many ways to update to Jeppesen’s latest Spring 2012 Release, boaters everywhere can visit

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Jeppesen is a market-leading provider of vessel operations services and digital navigation solutions, based on worldwide vector chart data type approved to ISO19879, meteorological information and transmission technologies. Jeppesen offers a wide range of navigation and operations products and services to both recreational and commercial marine markets. Safety-conscious boaters and operators of vessels ranging from coastal to SOLAS class, rely on Jeppesen for innovative navigation solutions that improve safety and efficiency.


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