Jeppesen, a unit of Boeing Flight Services, introduces a new Web-based training program featuring Garmin G1000 avionics systems.  The new online program features three Garmin G1000 training courses, including visual flight rules (VFR) procedures, instrument flight rules (IFR) procedures and VFR/IFR procedures designed to simplify training for current and student pilots.

Transitioning from paper-based manuals and static computer based training programs, the new Web-based Garmin G1000 training programs from Jeppesen offer fully interactive courses that integrate a three-step method to teach critical VFR and IFR flying procedures more efficiently and effectively.  The online program provides self-paced courses and learning programs that are comprehensive of all operational aspects of VFR and IFR flying using Garmin G1000 avionics.  

“Our new online Garmin G1000 training solution offers a total training experience for VFR and IFR procedures that is a major step forward from traditional textbook and syllabus-based training programs,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management.  “Jeppesen partners with top flight schools, universities and CFIs in the industry to develop programs that resonate with the learning styles of today’s student pilots to increase training retention and success rates.  Our new Garmin G1000 online training program incorporates these elements to provide the top training experience available for current and student pilots.”  

The Garmin G1000 avionics training courses from Jeppesen are designed for both student pilots training with G1000 equipped aircraft as well as pilots that are transitioning to G1000 aircraft or need to gain expertise with G1000 avionics.  The new online G1000 training program also is designed as an effective tool for recurrent training and can be used by colleges, universities and flight schools as part of their teaching curriculum.   

The Garmin G1000 training courses from Jeppesen are delivered through a user-friendly and secure portal, the Jeppesen Learning Management System.  Guided at their own pace, students are presented with exams at the end of each course, to assess training progress and to prepare for certification testing procedures.        

The new Garmin G1000 online training courses add to a line of online training programs that Jeppesen has recently introduced, including Private Pilot Online, Sport Pilot Online and Instrument Online courses, designed for a complete and impactful training experience.

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