Navico’s breakthrough Simrad Broadband Radar, which was awarded the 2009 National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) Innovation Award for the Consumer Electronics category at the Miami International Boat Show last month, uses MAX and MAX Pro electronic cartography supplied by Jeppesen Marine.

A significant departure from traditional “pulse” radars that use powerful magnetrons, the Simrad Broadband Radar is based on solid-state technology. The new system delivers superior target resolution and separation where it matters most – in tight quarters and crowded waterways. It clearly differentiates between docks, channel markers, pilings, jetties, piers and other features as close as only a few meters from the boat.

Since there is no magnetron to warm up, Broadband Radar comes on instantly and is ready to assist navigators the moment darkness, bad weather or fog descends. Sea clutter rejection is five times better, and the system automatically and instantly tunes the radar for optimum performance whenever the range scale is changed. In addition, Broadband Radar is inherently easier to understand and operate than traditional systems, helping to “demystify” radar operation for the average boater.

“The combination of revolutionary solid-state Simrad radar technology with Jeppesen Marine’s MAX and MAX Pro electronic charts will take navigation using radar/chart overlay to new levels of detail, resolution and accuracy,” said Michelle Buckalew, senior marketing manager for Jeppesen Marine. “MAX Pro, Jeppesen Marine’s most advanced cartography for the recreational boating market, delivers the ability to combine Broadband Radar’s inherently superior displays with state-of-the-art charting features like Virtual World 3-D displays of land and sea contour, 2-D and 3-D satellite photo overlays and more.”

Simrad Broadband Radar was one of seven marine products to receive an innovation award from the NMMA and BWI at the Miami show. Commenting on the Simrad Broadband Radar, Judge Tim Queeney said, “This is the most significant advance in radar since World War II.”

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