Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline, recently signed with Jeppesen for a broad complement of services including flight planning, charts and Airside Services—an innovative offering from Jeppesen developed to help airlines transition from paper to electronic systems by reducing paper dependency. With Airside Services, manuals are assigned to the aircraft rather than individual crew members. Jeppesen efficiently manages the amendment process for charts and other documentation and delivers revised manuals directly to the aircraft cockpit.

After a successful 12-week deployment of Jeppesen’s sophisticated flight planning solution, JetPlanner, in spring 2008, Flybe has now opted to extend its relationship with Jeppesen to include charts and Airside Services.

“Having looked at all the available solutions, we opted for the Jeppesen JetPlanner flight planning solution and, to maximize on the system’s integration ability, have followed this with charts managed through Jeppesen Airside Services. We see this as the best option in order to maintain our ability to rapidly respond to market opportunities and any future transition to flight deck EFB solutions,” said John Palmer, Flybe director of Aircraft Operations.

As the largest regional airline in Europe, Flybe now operates more than 500 flights a day with one of the world’s youngest and most environmentally sensitive fleets of Bombardier Q400 turboprop and Embraer 195 jet aircraft.

“We have built a reputation for rapidly responding to market opportunities, which in turn has meant a complete overhaul of our flight planning and chart requirements, with the aim of controlling costs, reducing delays and ensuring our passengers experience an affordable, quality, on-time service,” said Palmer. “Jeppesen provides us with the best service and capabilities for our needs.”

“Flybe’s choice in expanding its Jeppesen services shows a commitment to providing the best service available to its customers. This partnership demonstrates the need for reliable flight planning and chart solutions by the UK’s top regional carrier and Jeppesen, backed by 75 years of service, is uniquely able to deliver,” said Thomas Wede, Jeppesen senior vice president and general manager, Aviation.

About Flybe
Flybe currently operates more than 70 aircraft, flying more than 190 routes to more than 36 UK and 30 European airports, and carries 7.5 million passengers per year. Flybe is now Europe’s largest regional airline. Following the successful acquisition and integration of BA Connect in March 2007, the route network is 70 percent domestic UK, 20 percent European business and 10 percent European leisure destinations. For additional information visit

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