The Jeppesen TMS (Terminal Management Solution) has made a marked improvement on operational efficiency and passenger experience at BAA Gatwick Airport since its implementation in April 2007. Because Jeppesen TMS allows the airport to optimize its gate resources, Gatwick has been able to reduce the number of passengers who require bus transfer between remote parked aircraft and the terminal by approximately 400,000, all while the total passenger volume at the airport has grown by more than 1,300,000. This is a significant achievement and has greatly increased passenger comfort and satisfaction levels. Utilization of passenger boarding bridges at the airport has increased by 1.4% over the preceding 12 months through the optimal allocation of resources.

TMS is regarded as an essential tool at Gatwick. “Jeppesen TMS has played an essential role in helping us take control of the stand allocation process at Gatwick,” said Romain Hericher, Stand Planning, BAA Gatwick. “Since April 2007, TMS has helped us to continually improve our performance and raise the level of service delivered to our passengers.”

“Not only does Jeppesen TMS help Gatwick manage resources on the day of operation, it also helps them plan effectively into the future while providing an improved quality of service to their customers in an increasingly challenging and demanding operational environment,” said Peter Derrick, TMS product manager at Jeppesen.