Jeppesen and Cirrus Design Corporation teamed up in February 2007 to provide innovative web-based SR-20 and SR-22 transition courses for pilots and instructors.  The courses have been well received in the marketplace and just recently the FAA officially recognized the CIRRUS Transition Courses as FAA/Industry Training Standard (FITS) material.

FITS is a joint government-stakeholder initiative designed to reduce the total number of general aviation accidents.  Its mission is to improve pilot learning to safely, competently and efficiently operate technically advanced piston or light jet aircraft in the modern national airspace system. This means using scenario-based training, like what is presented in the CIRRUS Transition Courses, to effectively integrate risk management, aeronautical decision making, situational awareness and single pilot resource management into every flight operation.

“Working in close collaboration with Cirrus on the web-based transition courses has been a great partnership,” said Kert Thielen, Aviation Courseware Development manager.  “The courses have been very popular with our mutual customers, and now the FAA FITS seal of approval validates that the rich, scenario-based training content meets the needs of both government and industry.”

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Eric Anderson