A new way of integrating the pairing and rostering processes developed by Jeppesen makes it possible to efficiently solve the planning problems of airlines with a significant unbalance in distribution of crew between different bases. The Thomsonfly cockpit planning problem, characterized by a large number of bases of various sizes, called for a new way of thinking as a traditional approach was not producing desired results.

The new approach has proven to be very successful, and has shown significant savings both for the winter and summer seasons. It also shortens the planning cycle significantly.

“Here at Thomsonfly we are delighted with the progress made since going live with our pilot rosters in January 2008.  Because of Jeppesen’s innovative approach to solving our challenges the pairing and rostering processes are now closer together providing a streamlined and cost effective solution. Our strong and successful working relationship with our colleagues at Jeppesen means that the development has been tailored to our business strategy, providing us with the flexibility to manage our expanding business,” said Keith Baker, director Crew Planning, Thomsonfly UK.

“The approach developed by the Jeppesen project team brings a new dimension to solving crew planning problems by tightly connecting traditionally separated pairing and rostering processes, making it possible to produce considerably improved results. This is yet another step in Jeppesen’s mission to provide world-leading solutions to the transportation industry. We are very proud of our excellent relationship with Thomsonfly and grateful for the opportunity to jointly explore new frontiers and prove the strength and flexibility of our products,” said Mladen Pillipovic, product manager Crew Planning, Jeppesen.

About Thomsonfly

Thomsonfly has a fleet of 47 aircraft and carries over 8 million passengers each year from 20 UK airports to over 80 destinations in 37 countries. Founded at Luton in 1962 as Euravia, becoming Britannia two years later, Thomsonfly was created in recognition of the changing needs of travellers and holiday makers in the UK and throughout Europe. Thomsonfly is part of TUI Travel PLC, a new Company formed by the merger of First Choice Holidays PLC and the Tourism Division of TUI AG. TUI Travel PLC operates in 180 countries worldwide serving more than 30 million customers in over 20 source markets offering a wide range of leisure travel experiences.

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