SkyWest Airlines recently outsourced the initial training of its new hire dispatchers to Jeppesen. At its headquarters near Denver, Jeppesen provides each SkyWest class with over 200 hours of foundational airline operations curriculum. Then the students return to SkyWest to perform on-the-job-training before being fully qualified to work as a dispatcher. The result for SkyWest is reduced training costs and shorter training cycles.

“We are seeing strong skill sets from our new hire dispatchers and we attribute much of it to the training they receive at Jeppesen. They are very well prepared with a strong foundation to build on, and rather than us having to reinforce or introduce some basics to them, we can immediately begin with SkyWest-specific training,” said Michael Mumford, director of SkyWest’s Operation Control Center. “Our overall training time and costs are less, which is a tremendous benefit to the company because we get new hire dispatchers on the floor as soon as possible and benefit the company’s bottom line at the same time.”

“As rising operating costs continue to challenge the industry, Jeppesen hopes to help airline dispatch offices reduce new and existing employee training time through effective training outsource options. Our options range from FAA dispatcher certification to advanced subjects like international flight planning and training on Jeppesen products and services,” said Joel Brouhle, Jeppesen training manager.

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