Jeppesen is the first and only commercial provider to receive an FAA letter of approval to perform validation/comparison services on RNP procedure navigation data for GE Flight Management Systems (FMS). According to FAA AC 90-101, Appendix 3, RNP Special Aircrew and Aircraft Authorization Required (SAAAR) procedures must undergo an approved validation/comparison before being flown. Now Jeppesen can provide this service eliminating the need for operators to invest in the labor intensive process and the procurement of validation tools.

“This latest FAA approval is another step Jeppesen is taking to build our RNP business” said Thomas Wede, senior vice president and general manager, Jeppesen Commercial and Military Aviation. “Jeppesen’s unique position as the worldwide aggregator of aeronautical data allows us to perform the required validation better, faster and more economically. This translates to a direct benefit for our customers.”

About RNP
Through the use of modern avionics and GPS, RNP flight procedures provide operators a highly effective tool for enabling safe and efficient operations in congested airspace, challenging terrain, and adverse weather conditions.

RNP allows aircraft to navigate within very accurate corridors which reduces airport noise footprints, minimizes weather diversions and enables shorter, more efficient routes in and out of airports, thus reducing fuel burn and emissions. RNP procedures are also the foundation for continuous descent arrivals, a technique for further reducing fuel burn and noise during descent into an airport terminal area by using idle, or very low power settings from cruise altitude to the airport environment.

RNP is a crucial element in the transformation of airspace toward what will eventually become a nationwide and worldwide performance-based Air Traffic Management structure. Full RNP and Performance Based Navigation benefits will be realized once this structure is complete; however, vast cost reductions, efficiency improvements, and regulatory cooperation are already available to RNP operators.

Jeppesen’s experienced RNP staff includes engineers, airspace and regulatory experts, and procedure designers, all of whom have extensive experience working with commercial and government agencies all over the globe.

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