Effective March 31, 2008 aircraft operators and pilots who operate in US terminal and enroute RNAV environments, and who use GPS as a primary navigation method, will be required to add another element to their flight planning process—a RAIM prediction report.  RAIM, or Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring, is a technology developed to assess the integrity of GPS signals, and thus, the accuracy of airborne GPS navigation equipment.

Through Jeppesen’s JetPlan flight planning services, customers can plan their route of flight and then with one click submit a RAIM prediction request.  The system then uses sophisticated algorithms to generate a prediction for the entire route, including the departure and arrival airports.  Customers can request RAIM prediction for individual airports as well.  Other RAIM prediction services are available, but none are fully integrated with a flight planning system like the Jeppesen service is.

If any section of the route has an outage lasting longer than five minutes, the section of the route and timeframe are highlighted in the report.  If there are no outages, the report simply states that a check was performed and no outages are expected.  The route will need to be re-planned if an outage is predicted to last beyond five minutes.

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