Jeppesen has signed an agreement with Lufthansa to provide its Carmen Crew Management System (CMS). The project will start during the fall this year. Carmen CMS provides airlines with improved crew scheduling flexibility and an integrated crew management process which lowers operating costs.

“With Carmen CMS from Jeppesen, we can benefit considerably from the advantages of having the entire crew management process sharing the same optimization, legality, quality definitions, visualization, data and analysis tools,” said Jens Appel, vice president Crew Planning at Lufthansa. “The Carmen Crew Management System from Jeppesen will improve the decisions being made in the crew planning process, all the way from the long-term pairing analysis to the detailed decisions made on the day of operation.”

“We are very proud to be selected by Lufthansa as the provider of an integrated crew management solution,” said Thomas Wede, Jeppesen senior vice president and general manager, Commercial and Military Aviation. “Lufthansa and Jeppesen have a long business relationship, and the airline is one of the most advanced users of our optimization tools. This new contract is one of our largest in recent years, and it will extend our partnership with Lufthansa significantly, something we all at Jeppesen are very proud of.”

Carmen CMS covers the administration of all crew data and business rules, and contains modules for optimizing pairings and crew rosters, tools for maintaining optimum rosters, as well as support for detecting and mitigating operational problems. Even though the system consists of standardized modules shared with many other airlines, the architecture still allows a highly customized behavior of the user interface, data interfaces, business rules and optimizers. The architecture also supports a low risk transition from older legacy systems.

Lufthansa, one of the leading airlines in the world, has successfully been using Jeppesen’s Carmen Crew Pairing product since the early 1990’s. The airline is currently using the software to solve variable crew problems with over 35,000 flights monthly, making it one of the world’s most challenging planning problems.

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