Jeppesen announced today a new partnership with infoWERK to launch eleven high quality web-based course modules for ATPL training. The new Jeppesen multi-media courseware will add to the existing ATPL product portfolio and includes Air Law, Airframes & Systems, Principles of Flight, Instrumentation, Flight Planning, Performance, Mass and Balance, Human Performance and Limitations, Operational Procedures, General Navigation and Meteorology. The first eleven courses, scheduled to be released by the second quarter of 2009, begin what will become an expanded partnership with infoWERK for future courses.

“The new online training courses allow flight training organizations to improve efficiencies in a variety of areas from student engagement and staff prioritization to financials and differentiation,” said Tobias Baesch, Jeppesen product manager. “Our joint products are true computer-aided learning programs developed using state of the art instructional design principles for maximum effectiveness and student retention.”

Each module is designed to a blended learning approach. The content, presented in clear and concise terms, incorporates a logical sequence and a multitude of visualizations and animations in order to promote the capture of complex relationships, which is especially helpful for ab-initio aviation students, and those with international backgrounds.

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