Amid growing concerns over rising fuel costs and an uncertain economy, Jeppesen and World Fuel Services have combined their strengths and expertise to enhance their services for commercial airlines. Known as Jeppesen World Fuel Services and Commercial International Trip Planning, these two timely offerings will help airlines that are trying to consolidate operating expenses for international flights while reducing fuel costs.

About Jeppesen World Fuel Services
Since 2002, Jeppesen and World Fuel Services have been successfully providing a fueling program to customers in the business aviation market. Expanding the service to the commercial aviation market is a natural response to growing demand from airlines for assistance in managing the impact of today’s volatile fuel costs on their operations. Jeppesen World Fuel Services allows operators to cut fuel expenses with attractive pricing and credit terms obtained through combined worldwide purchasing power and supply relationships with major oil companies worldwide.

About Commercial International Trip Planning
Two of the most trusted names in aviation now combine their expertise to offer around-the-clock services for every aspect of international flight. Commercial International Trip Planning by Jeppesen & World Fuel Services brings together trip planners from World Fuel Services with Jeppesen flight planners to ensure commercial aviation customers receive an unprecedented level of personalized flight support.

This offering provides a one-stop solution for services ranging from obtaining international overflight and landing permits, diplomatic services, ground handling, diversion support, hotel, transportation and more.

“Providing cost-efficient fuel and international trip planning services will help airlines compete more effectively in a difficult economic environment,” said Mark Van Tine, Jeppesen president and chief executive officer. Michael Clementi, World Fuel Services president, added, “Bringing together World Fuel Services and Jeppesen ensures airline customers are supported by experienced staff trained to understand the operational requirements necessary to support complex worldwide flights.”

About World Fuel Services
As the largest fuel reseller in the world, World Fuel Services supports requirements for fuel at more than 1,800 locations around the globe. As the marketer of choice for the worlds’ major oil companies, World Fuel Services is recognized by suppliers as a longstanding and preferred international trading partner, obtaining and offering competitively-priced fuel and providing the highest degree of operational support to commercial and aviation clients.

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