Jeppesen is changing the standard for VFR charts in Europe by bringing together over 40 years of Bottlang VFR charting now with nearly 75 years of Jeppesen IFR chart leadership.  The result is a complete set of services that work together to provide pilots with the most comprehensive lineup of navigation charts available for European VFR and IFR flying.

Through advanced print-on-demand technology that Jeppesen now extends to the VFR manual, customers are able to choose individual VFR country coverage areas and combine them with general text pages that are produced in their choice of three languages--English, German or French.  The result is a VFR manual that offers pilots more personalized options than ever before.

The VFR manual uses the same paper as the IFR manual, reducing weight and increasing space capacity in the binders by 30%.  The new VFR manual also uses the same size paper and 7-hole pattern so all VFR and IFR charts for Europe can be carried in the same binder.

“Through the use of the latest printing technology, Jeppesen is able to offer enhancements like the VFR manual to our customers,” said Andreas Windeck, product manager.  “Now pilots in Europe can choose much more tailored coverage options for VFR charts, and if they take Jeppesen’s IFR services as well, integrate VFR and IFR charts using the same type of binders.”

Beginning in April 2008 all new VFR services will be delivered in the new format.  Existing subscribers will continue to receive the present format and contacted at the time of service renewal with conversion details.

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