DECEA will deploy Jeppesen Total Airspace and Airport Modeler (TAAM) software at its newly created simulation laboratory in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. Jeppesen will provide a complete range of advice and user support to ensure DECEA receives the full benefit of the investment.

This includes the installation, commission, system testing and training. Jeppesen will also aid with the development of the TAAM model of Brazilian airspace as well as a detailed ground model of the Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia international airports. TAAM is scheduled to be operational in early 2009.
Jeppesen TAAM software will allow DECEA air traffic management experts to perform complete and objective analysis of the many projects that are being conducted by the organization, like PBN implementation, Brazilian FIR re-sectorization, Brazilian TMA re-sectorization, studies related to air traffic demand growth and more. From the implementation of TAAM forward, the main changes in Brazilian airspace will be simulated, with the aim of identifying the proposal impact, including data for a corresponding cost/benefit analysis and safety assessment.

“Jeppesen is proud to partner with DECEA on this large-scale commitment that brings significant investment into the region. The use of advanced simulation and analysis allows for a detailed and thorough investigation of the current and planned air traffic management system in Brazil,” said Demetrius Zuidema, Americas sales director, Jeppesen Aeronautical & Marine Information Solutions. “Further, it permits the opportunity to investigate future requirements of both airspace and airports, and the ability to optimize the entire aviation operation in the region. With a complete TAAM capability, DECEA will be able to conduct the most advanced simulation and decision support analysis available.”