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Jeppesen in 2007  

2007 C-Map acquisition bolsters Jeppesen Marine's capabilities

Acquires C-Map, the leading provider of digital marine cartography and data services, and integrates the company into Jeppesen's marine division.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 2007

  Jeppesen in 2006  

Acquires Carmen Systems

Acquires Carmen Systems, the leading provider of scheduling, optimization and logistics solutions.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 2006

  Jeppesen in 2005  

2005 Jeppesen launches marine division

Launches marine division. Introduces NavSuite, the industry's first integrated desktop flight planning and navigation software suite.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 2005

  Jeppesen in 2004  

2004 Jeppesen turns 70

Jeppesen celebrates its 70th anniversary. Implements color print-on-demand technology, allowing greater flexibility to produce and distribute Airway Manual® charts. Introduces JeppView® updates via the Internet.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 2004

  Jeppesen in 2003  

2003 Jeppesen opens Global Support and Control Center

First commercial organization certified by the FAA as a Qualified Internet Communications Provider (QICP). Unveils Global Support and Control Center.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 2003

  Jeppesen in 2002  

2002 Jeppesen Introduces Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Jeppesen introduces Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software and applications. Launches e-Link Internet chart delivery.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 2002

  Jeppesen in 2001  

2001 Jeppesen opens office in Russia

Russia office opens. Introduces OPSControl, an integrated suite of flight operations management applications which enhance operational efficiency and flexibility.


By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 2001

  Jeppesen in 2000  

2000 Boeing acquires Jeppesen

Acquires Nobeltec, the leading developer of marine navigation software and charting services for the recreational mariner.

October 4, 2000: Boeing acquires Jeppesen, becoming a strategic subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 2000

  Jeppesen in 1999  

1999 Acquires ASAC

Acquires ASAC, the premier provider of airspace design, utilization and FAA compliance analysis services.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1999

  Jeppesen in 1998  

1998 Introduces Internet delivery of NavData services

Introduces Skybound Datawriter, enabling Internet delivery of NavData services.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1998

  Jeppesen in 1997  

1997 Introduces the Guided Flight Discovery Pilot Training System

Introduces the Guided Flight Discovery Pilot Training System to the aviation community.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1997

  Jeppesen in 1996  

1996 Jeppesen charts go digital

China office opens. Jeppesen acquires MentorPlus, adding enhanced aviation training, moving map technologies and PC-based flight planning. JeppView® electronic Airway Manual® CD-ROM introduced.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1996

  Jeppesen in 1990  

1990-1995 Jeppesen's Australasia office opens

Jeppesen introduces Maintenance Information Services (JMIS) and multicolor enroute and area charts. Company continues to grow and expand resources through the following acquisitions:

-TannGuide, which becomes JeppGuide® -- provides pilots with supplemental airport information

-APU, which becomes part of Jeppesen OpsData®

-IAP (International Aviation Publishers) maintenance training materails



By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1990

  Jeppesen in 1980  

1980-1989 Jeppesen acquires the following companies:

-Bottlang Airfield Manual -- VFR approach charts and airfields for Europe
-Icarus, which becomes OpsData -- data analysis reports to optimize customer operational capability and safety
-Lockheed DataPlan -- flight planning, trip planning and weather services operations in California and the United Kingdom

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1980

  Jeppesen in 1973  

1973 NavData services take off

The first commercial airliner uses Jeppesen's electronic NavData services in flight.



By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1973

  Jeppesen in 1960  

1960-1969 Times Mirror acquires Jeppesen

Times Mirror acquires Jeppesen and later merges the company with Sanderson Films.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1960

  Jeppesen in 1957  

1957 Jeppesen opens Frankfurt, Germany operation

Jeppesen expands operations to Frankfurt, Germany. This pivotal office provides services to Eastern Hemisphere customers, while Denver continues to serve the Western Hemisphere--making it possible to provide flight information worldwide.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1957

  Jeppesen in 1947  

1947 Standard Instrument Approach Procedures introduced

Jeppesen and the FAA collaborate to introduce Standard Instrument Approach Procedures, which contribute to greater aviation safety nationwide, and establish the National Flight Data Center.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1947

  Jeppesen in 1941  

1941 Jeppesen moves to Denver, Colorado

Capt. Jeppesen moves the company to Denver and expands services to include flight information publications for the U.S. Navy as well as customers providing commercial air transportation.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1941

  Jeppesen in 1934

1934 Jeppesen & Company begins

Captain E. B. Jeppesen designs and produces the first instrument flying charts in his basement workshop in Salt Lake City, Utah. The charts depict routes using new radio aids and flight patterns.

By Jeppesen
Published: 01 Jan 1934


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