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Management Biographies

The following are brief biographies of Jeppesen's Senior Leadership Team who have built Jeppesen's leadership position in the aviation and navigation services market. As a global organization, Jeppesen maintains top management in both North America and Europe.

Kevin Crowley

Vice President, Digital Aviation, The Boeing Company; Chief Executive Officer, Jeppesen

Mark Van Tine

Vice President, Digital Aviation, The Boeing Company

Thomas Wede

President, Jeppesen

Marilyn Aragon

Vice President, Quality and Business Operation Services

Bernd Buehrmann-Montigny

Vice-President, Global Navigation Services and Managing Director, Jeppesen GmbH

John Catron

Chief Counsel

Bob Kurtz

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Digital Aviation

Sean Schwinn

Vice President, Strategic Integration

Sam Ironside

Vice President, Human Resources

Alex Zakroff

Vice President, Navigation Solutions

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