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Delivery Services

There's nothing off-the-shelf about your operation or Jeppesen's tailor-made approach to deploying the solutions that create optimal performance. Our technical solutions are integrated seamlessly, managed and implemented with minimal
disruption, taught with clarity so they can be used with confidence, and deliver as promised every time.

Program Management

Accountability. Partnership. Communication. Only when these values are matched with technical skill, industry knowledge, and program management expertise will solutions deployment be a success. With Jeppesen, you get continually refined program management and implementation practices supported by an unwavering commitment to do things right the first time. That includes:

  • Integration Scheduling
    Jeppesen works with you to schedule the tasks, teams and processes necessary for success.
  • Communication Planning
    Tailor-made to get the right information to the right people and the right time.
  • Change Controls
    A Change Control Board, comprised of key stakeholders, helps manage the impact of changes on timelines, budgets, and solutions effectiveness.
  • Risk Assessment and Planning
    A comprehensive mitigation plan will be developed and maintained in order to effectively evaluate the risks at various stages of deployment.
  • Jeopardy Escalation Process
    Jeppesen will define a jeopardy/escalation plan to identify, monitor and manage "at risk" items before they become serious.


Jeppesen's implementation team not only offers unparalleled expertise with Jeppesen products and the processes they support, it has experience with multiple hardware, operating system and third party technologies. Jeppesen will implement and deploy its products, as well as integrate the solution into your environments.

Integration Services

Jeppesen's holistic view includes integrating proprietary and non-Jeppesen products to create a unique solution that optimizes the performance of your flight crews, aircraft and personnel. The team can also recommend and provide consulting services to assist you with disaster recovery, hosting, load balancing, clustering, security, etc.

  • Solution Integration
    Adapter and interface development to establish and maintain seamless interaction with your partners and your legacy systems.
  • Technical Integration
    Acceptance testing, integration testing within operating environment, clustering, failover, load balancing, disaster recovery, network security and firewall issues will all be tested and optimized as part of the integration process.

Training Services

Jeppesen knows the best solution deployment means nothing if the people using it can't do so with confidence. That's why Jeppesen took the decades of experience training flight crews, ground crews, mechanics, crew planners and others and applied it to its Professional Services solutions. With Jeppesen, your people get more than technical instruction – they get a solution they trust to help them, and your operation, achieve peak performance.

  • Consistent technical and instructional quality across stand-up instruction and e-Learning platforms.
  • ADDIE instructional development process (Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) tailors your training program.
  • Constant improvements initiated throughout training process.

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