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Business Consultant Services

Many of the world's leading airlines count on Jeppesen's unequaled business modeling experience and full suite of industry-leading solutions to create an edge against growing competition, regulatory expenses and shrinking margins. We pinpoint where your operations can be optimized, then recommend proven practices that generate extraordinary results. Here's how:

  • Analyze Current Business State
    Intensive study of your operational environment in terms of people, processes, tools, competencies, customers, and competitors.
  • Capture Business Vision
    We internalize your business vision, including project scope, stakeholders, objectives, constraints, priorities, and technical situation.
  • Document Business Requirements
    We collect and report all the specific requirements associated with a project plan for stakeholders, business-process analysts, software architects, projects managers and other stakeholders.
  • Solution Architecture
    We provide documentation on solution architecture that details the best practices, products and services to exceed business requirements.
  • Demonstrate Value Proposition
    We compare your system with a Jeppesen solution through benchmarking crew and flight planning solutions. We find areas for improvement in crew and flight planning optimization as well as improved business processes.

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