Jeppesen JDM Mobile
Wireless avionics downloads through Your Bad Elf Wombat unit.

For general and business aviation customers wanting to take advantage of mobile and wireless technology to perform avionics database updates, we are now excited to offer Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) Mobile. With JDM Mobile in conjunction with Bad Elf Wombat units, you can now wirelessly download your databases to your Apple device anywhere you have connectivity and transfer the databases to the avionics cards from the convenience of the cockpit. This new functionality will allow your data cards to stay within the aircraft, reducing the risk of damage, loss and replacement. Plus, our avionics updates can now expand to iPhone and iPad devices, enabling additional capabilities sure to improve your avionics database update process.

JDM Mobile advantages include:

  • Wireless updates save time commuting and reduces the risk of damaging, forgetting or losing essential hardware
  • Cost savings by reducing the need to purchase multiple backup media hardware
  • Anytime/anywhere avionics databases downloads to your mobile device
  • Data filtering of updates by aircraft tail number and data types (NavData®, Electronic Charts, etc.)
  • Convenient access to essential Jeppesen alerts and notices and self-help videos built into the application
  • Apple badge notification signals when data updates are available


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