Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro 3.0/9.0
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With airspace complexity on the rise and data overload a common problem, can your airline afford to rest on the laurels of yesterday's technology? And, why would you want to? Our FliteDeck Pro solution represents the commercial airline industry's first, best and most reliable data-driven, interactive chart rendering experience for Jeppesen enroute chart data, but also continues to push the digital transformation envelope. With the ground-breaking release of version 3.0/9.0, our EFB solution can help your flight operation climb to an entirely new level of digitization, with industry-leading features and benefits that include:

  • SmartNotes – Intelligent EFB Efficiencies Made Easy. Our SmartNotes feature elevates information pilots require when and where they need it. Analyzing chronological and geospatial data, it intelligently keeps pilots informed throughout their flight while minimizing interaction with their mobile EFB device.
  • Tailored Enroute – Accelerating the Digital Airline Transformation. With Tailored Enroute, airlines can depict Jeppesen dynamic enroute data supplemented with their own operationally specific and relevant data on their mobile EFB's. Operationally relevant and aircraft specific information like tailored data, frequencies, track information, Grid MORAs, ETOPS rings and more is then visible in Jeppesen's data-driven depictions.
  • Airport Moving Maps – Aircraft Taxiing Made Smarter. FliteDeck Pro's Airport Moving Maps (AMM) improve pilot situational awareness at airports through Ownship depiction on mobile EFB terminal charts. Dynamic chart rendering of runways, taxiways and other airport structures improves runway safety, particularly during times of high congestion or poor visibility. Learn More
  • Trip Kit On-Demand – Backup Redundancies to Reduce Delays and Flight Disruptions. You can benefit from our cloud-based network and safety net. Back-up services and printable pdf copies of your charts ensure that pilots receive their navigational information they need to meet regulatory flight standards even when others in your data delivery chain cannot deliver.
  • World Class Customer Support – With You Every Step of the Way. For nearly as long as aviators have been taking to the skies, our trusted staff has stood by their sides. Today, our world class customer service representatives are at the ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist your airline operation with guidance and support, wherever and whenever needed.

To learn more about how our mobile EFB solutions can help your airline operation transition to a dynamic paperless cockpit, please visit our Getting Started page or contact your Jeppesen Support Professional today.

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Managing other pilot applications is getting smarter too.

Do you want to get even more from your EFB? Combine FliteDeck Pro with Aviator and benefit from:

  • Data sharing among individual EFB apps
  • A common interface for navigating between apps
  • Streamlined workflows with improved efficiency
  • Reduced heads down time
  • Additional back-up redundancies

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