Jeppesen MyFlitePlan Online

Flight Planning, Routing & Weather

Jeppesen MyFlitePlan Online provides piston aircraft pilots with a fast, intuitive, web-based tool that assesses weather conditions, generates flight routes and files flight plans online from anywhere in the world in minutes. MyFlitePlan Online includes aircraft performance, weather and NOTAMs. MyFlitePlan Online offers a printable flight package with everything you need for your flight. The flight package is also available on Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck. Jeppesen MyFlitePlan Online offers the following flight planning benefits to general aviation pilots:

    • Provides a route of flight, time, and fuel needed for specific aircraft
    • Consolidates all of the relevant flight information in one place
    • Displays a graphical view of the flight route and weather
    • Works for flights anywhere in the world
    • Simplifies the flight planning process and reduces the amount of planning time
    • Improves situational awareness
    • Accelerates the decision making process

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