Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck, FliteDeck VFR and FliteDeck Pro

Paperless Mobile EFB Solutions
for Your Cockpit

General Aviation

ForeFlight Mobile

Jeppesen Data and Charts
on ForeFlight Mobile

Jeppesen global NavData, terrain and obstacle data and charts are now integrated into the ForeFlight Mobile app, making it your all-in-one solution for planning, briefing, filing, flying and logging flights.

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Garmin Pilot

Jeppesen Terminal Charts
on Garmins Aviation App

Designed specifically for individuals and enthusiasts, our world-class charts combined with Garmins proven technology represent the latest mobile charting revolution for pilots like you. Plus, existing customers can now use their current chart subscription on Garmin Pilot.

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Mobile FliteDeck

General Aviation Mobile Flight Apps
for VFR and IFR Pilots

For the private pilot with a passion for flying, Jeppesen’s duo of Mobile FliteDeck apps deliver the advanced charts and information you need to spend more time flying, and less time on the ground. With our apps, you will be able to experience a new level of confidence, convenience, safety and simplicity from a single, intuitive interface.

JDM Mobile

Wireless JDM Data Through Bad Elf Wombat Units

Use Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) Mobile in conjunction with your Bad Elf Wombat unit to perform wireless avionics updates. With JDM Mobile, you can now download your databases anytime, anywhere to any personal iPhone or iPad device.

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Commercial and Military Aviation


Integrated Commercial Aviation EFB Applications

With Aviator, pilots can quickly access both the pre-flight and in-flight information provided by multiple EFB applications—all within one common user interface. By taking advantage of seamless data sharing between standalone apps, your airline can reduce redundancy errors, decrease heads-down time and increase your operational efficiencies.

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Training and Resources

FliteDeck Pro

Commercial and Military Aviation
EFB Flight Charting

Our FliteDeck Pro solution provides your pilots with the comprehensive navigational charts, manuals and documentation needed to achieve paperless flying—plus we deliver it all to you within one intuitive pilot- and workflow-focused interface.

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Training and Documentation

Jeppesen Makes Going Mobile Easy

Business Aviation

Mobile FliteDeck

Business Aviation IFR Mobile Flight App
for IFR Pilots

Designed specifically for business aviation, our electronic IFR charts and data-driven enroute charts represent the latest mobile solutions for pilots like you. For customers with an existing Jeppesen electronic flight charting subscription, you can now transition to a true paper-replacement solution directly through your iPad, Tablet, or Android  enabled device.

Training and Documentation

Hardware & Software

Honeywell GoDirect Flight Bag Pro

Jeppesen Terminal Charts in app from Honeywell

Easily access your Jeppesen charts in the Honeywell global flight planning and EFB iPad app, which is engineered to meet the demanding needs of business aviation pilots.

Co-Creation Award Winner: Mobile FliteDeck

About the Award

The Co-Creation Awards is an organization devoted to celebrating the successful implementation of co-creation projects through an annual competition. By definition, co-creation, the act of involving customers and/or stakeholders in the innovation, marketing or value creation processes, which has become increasingly popular within both private an public organizations.

Why Mobile FliteDeck

There are few software engineering problems more challenging than creating mission-critical applications for users in a high-workload airline cockpit, especially for use during taxi, takeoff, and landing. The solution must consider a wide range of lighting conditions, turbulence, and the possibility of non-normal events. At all times, the pilot must focus on flying, navigating, and communicating. Information management systems like Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) must not get in the way and, done well, will actually reduce workload and increase situation awareness. Following a pilot-centered design process helps ensure that the final products meet both Jeppesen's goals and the needs of the pilot. The process involves a balance of Jeppesen disciplines, including Human Factors, Visual Design, and Interaction Design.

In addition to hundreds of discussions seeking feedback from pilots, to date we have enjoyed formal, extended co-creation engagements with 58 pilots, representing general aviation and nine airlines around the world. Because safety in aviation is critical and every airplane type presents unique challenges and differences in workflows and workload, the 58 pilots selected have experience in 24 different airplane models ranging from Cessna 172, to high-speed corporate jets, all the way up to the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Several sessions involved taped observation in airline cockpits.

Here is a glimpse of how Jeppesen works with customers in a co-creation process to ensure an excellent user experience.

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Overview of Process
Working with Pilots
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