Jeppesen charts now on Garmin Pilot.

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We asked ourselves a simple question: what would happen if you combined Jeppesen’s world-class aviation charts with Garmin’s world-class aviation app? The answer came almost instantly. Without question, the resulting partnership would be much more than the sum of its parts—and nothing less than a charting revolution for pilots. It would also be unlike anything seen before in a tablet experience. So that’s exactly what we did.

By offering genuine Jeppesen terminal charts on the Garmin Pilot app, you can now use your existing chart subscription on Garmin’s proven feature-rich navigation solution.

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Restrictions may apply. Please call for details.

Features and Benefits Include

With the combined world-class resources of Jeppesen and Garmin, you can expect an unprecedented array of industry-leading benefits, including:

  • Split-Screen Capability and Widgets – Allowing you to receive textual weather along the route of your flight using the NavTrack slider bar paired with the moving map.
  • Geo-Referenced Charts – Increased situation awareness so that you can track your aircraft’s exact position while monitoring other information on the airport diagrams and terminal approach charts.
  • Dynamic Weather Overlay – Providing animated radar, satellite imagery, graphical depiction of METARs and more – all with increasing detail when zoomed.

Current Coverage Offerings

In honor of the new partnership between Jeppesen and Garmin, we’re offering the following coverages:


$417 / € 372 / AUD 462.87


$244 / € 326 / AUD 270.84


$62 / € 69 / AUD 68.82


$179 / € 239 / AUD 196.90

CONUS USA & Hawaii

$199 / € 265 / AUD 218.90

Europe (All)

$782 / € 711 / AUD 560.55

Europe IFR + VFR (All)

$889 / € 808 / AUD 977.90

Europe (Eastern)

$382 / € 270 / AUD 424.02

Europe (Northern)

$367 / € 270 / AUD 407.37

Latin America

$195 / € 255 / AUD 216.45

Middle East and South Asia

$421 / € 372 / AUD 467.31

New Zealand

$72 / € 66 / AUD 79.20

South America

$253 / € 337 / AUD 280.83

Restrictions may apply. Please call Jeppesen for details.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Getting Started

If you are new to either Jeppesen or Garmin, the following list of steps has been created with your needs in mind. For further information regarding Jeppesen charts on Garmin Pilot, please review our FAQ document.

  1. Create a Jeppesen login and password if one doesn’t already exist
  2. Subscribe to one of the supported Jeppesen Chart Services:
    1. JeppView and JeppView Multi-Function Display for Garmin, Avidyne or EuroAvionics avionics equipped aircraft
      • Subscription allows up to four devices - any combination of the following apps: Garmin Pilot (iOS or iPhone), Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck (iOS) or JeppView (PC)
      • PilotPak & Jeppesen Services Suite Bundles also support Garmin Pilot
    2. Jeppesen Mobile Charting Service for Garmin Pilot
      • Subscription restricted to one device
  3. Download the Garmin Pilot app from iTunes
  1. In the app, select Home, then Settings, then Subscriptions
  2. Create a new Garmin login and password or use an existing account within the app
  3. Subscribe to one of the available Premium IFR subscriptions sold by Garmin
  4. Log in using the username and password created in the app. At this point, the user should have access to the application; however, Jeppesen charts are not accessible yet
  5. In the app, select Home, then Settings, then Jeppesen
  6. Enter Jeppesen user name and password
  7. Select available Jeppesen Serial Number option
  8. Accept Jeppesen terms and conditions for the charting service
  9. Jeppesen charts are now activated and available for use