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Corporate Background

Jeppesen has provided the aviation marketplace with quality products for 80 years.  Jeppesen Academy now offers the same level of quality in training programs designed specifically for the airline operator.  Training courses and educational programs range from Airline Operations Control (AOC) training, to charting and navigation, to human factors.  AOC courses include basic AOC indoctrination, to NAA certification of dispatchers, to advanced theory courses, to advanced systems training on Jeppesen AOC related products and more.  Jeppesen Academy also offers a wide range of pilot ground  training and education programs.

By offering a comprehensive suite of high-quality standardized courses, Jeppesen Academy provides customers with cost-effective training options at locations around the world.

Jeppesen operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services (CAS).  CAS offers the industry's broadest selection of aviation support products and services.

Jeppesen Academy is now aligned with other Boeing owned companies, like Flight Services, to provide global training solutions for flight operations officers/dispatchers at locations around the world.  This partnership provides many Jeppesen students with aircraft fixed-based or full-flight simulator observation time.  Aircraft simulator time provides students with the ability to correlate classroom theory with practical flight operations.

Product Background

Jeppesen has been providing the general aviation market with high-quality flight training products for over 40 years.  Additionally, Jeppesen has served the airline market with  training on Airline Operations Control (AOC) or dispatch-related products for over 30 years.  Jeppesen Academy combines those strengths to provide airlines with training on products and their application to theory.  In 1999, driven by the CNS/ATM movement, the first theory-based courses that Jeppesen Academy offered with the Charts and Navigation Workshop (CNW) and the Flight Operations Management - Level 1 (FOM-1) program.  Jeppesen Academy has continued to build additional courses to supplement the FOM-1 program, and in May of 2003, the Academy obtained approval from the FAA for the dispatcher certification course (FOM-2).

The Future

In the years to come, Jeppesen Academy will continue to add courses on advanced subjects (meteorology, performance, etc), in addition to building the world's first Flight Operations Simulator (FOS).  The FOS is to the dispatch what the full-flight simulator is to the pilot.  Our vision at Jeppesen Academy is to enable customers to increase operational safety and efficiency by providing high-quality, cost-efficient training programs.

Training Facilities

All classrooms and examination rooms are provided in state-of-the-art facilities with adequate heating, lighting, ventilation, and equipment necessary to create the most comfortable and effective learning setting possible.  Special needs can be accommodated by notifying us of your needs during registration.

Course Locations

Course locations are available at most Jeppesen, Flight Services, and partner training centers worldwide.  Please view our training locations for more information, or contact us about custom locations/dates, or any questions you may have.

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